Weaving Back the Threads of our Histories

September 21 (Launch) onwards


Thieves. From our taxes to our futures, from our lives to our names and spaces in history, we have been robbed by the greatest of them all. In our ongoing struggle with all our big and small victories against a giant monstrous power, we continue reclaiming what we have lost in the threads and fabrics of our peoples’ histories. We take back our truths in every way possible, piece by piece, name after name, until we weave ourselves whole.

Continued education and actions on [topic]

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Kalas/Aklas: Politikal ang Pagtatanghal

In Kalas/Aklas: Politikal ang Pagtatanghal, artists will come together to reclaim our spaces through a performance art exhibition, breaking away from the new regime’s call to take away our rights, freedom, and dignity in the guise of unity.

Politikal ang Comedy

Politikal ang Comedy is a stand-up comedy show tackling the current political and social issues in the Philippines.

Politikal ang Komiks

Politikal ang Komiks features different local comic artists who have been vocal in criticizing the administration, using their art to inspire the public—especially the youth—to take part in advocating for our rights.