Yvonne Elizabeth G. Salazar & Isabel Margarita P. Valenzuela



Yvonne Salazar & Isabel Valenzuela

Producer & Screenwriter

Jake Muñoz Consing

Director of Photography

CJ Doctor

Production Manager

Christa Padrigo

Production Designer & Animator

Katherine Sophia Wong


Dane Jasmine Justiniano

Tanya Yotoko

Scorer & Sound Designer

Cyrus Dy-Lim


Elmo Endaya


Lean Porquia (as himself)

Tina Montiel (as herself)

Bella Yara & Jennifer Davidas (as narrators)

Total Running Time

9 minutes





In revenge for being vanquished, the mythical Bakunawa has poisoned Philippine politics, ravaging the
country with a spate of killings and corruption for the last 6 decades. A mother tells her child the story of
the moon-eating Bakunawa that plunged the world into darkness. She describes how the people took
their torches and fought back. The serpent was gone. But not for long. The Bakunawa takes different faces, under different administrations, but all are marked by the same violence and oppression. We follow the stories of two activists: Tina Montiel, a Martial Law activist whose husband was arrested in the fight against the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and Lean Porquia, a current-day activist whose father was killed at the hands of the Duterte administration. The narrator says that despite the inaction of many, there remain those who continue the fight. To vanquish the darkness, we must bring forth our own light. The film takes a sharp turn as the child of the narrator answers back, and questions whether the narrative is more than just a tale with a definite end.

Festival and Awards

GAWAD ALTERNATIBO: Honorable Mention in Documentary Category


How can I watch?

Continued education and actions on Martial Law

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