IN FOCUS: Red Brothers

Raymond Red and Jon Red


Active Vista features films from RAYMOND and JON RED, filmmakers who have produced some of the most compelling and eye-opening films of recent times. Raymond and Jon are both pioneering minds and movements in themselves, as each of the brothers have played a large part in shaping Philippine alternative cinema as we know it. Their bodies of work have garnered local and international acclaim, and many of today’s prominent filmmakers cite them as mentors and major influences. 

About the Directors

Raymond Red is one of the pioneer figures of modern Filipino alternative cinema. Having a background in visual arts and photography after studying at the Philippine High School for the Arts and the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, he began by making numerous experimental and narrative super-8mm and 16mm short films in the 1980s and immediately gained recognition by winning awards and citations, both locally and at the international film festivals scene. He began to inspire a new generation of independent filmmakers, and has since become a regular lecturer and instructor in various film workshops and college film and fine arts, and mass communications programs, mentoring early on quite a number of the prominent Filipino independent filmmakers of today.


Jon Red studied painting and visual arts at the Philippine High School for the Arts and University of the Philippines. He attended film a workshop at the Mowelfund Film Institute. He wrote and directed short films and TV shows: the short Es (video) won Best Jury Prize at the Mondiale dela Video in Brussels Belgium; TV show Sineskwela (School on the Air) won the Grand Prix at the Science and Images Festival in Paris France. He directed full length works Still Lives (a pioneering digital film screened as Official Selection at the 2000 Singapore International Film Festival) and Utang ni Tatang (best cinematography and production design at the 2002 Manila Film Festival) before ASTIGmatism, which won the Silver DV Award at the 28th Hongkong International Film Festival (2004). He wrote the screenplay of the films Radyo and Ilusyon, produced by Viva Films. With Carol Bunuan Red, he conceptualized and line produced Imahe Nasyon, an omnibus film commemorating the EDSA ONE revolution, directed by 20 directors.


Jon Red

1. Absent – 7 mins
2. Ang Kahulugan ng Meaning at Iba Pang Aral na May Lesson – 6 mins
3. Ang Pabrika – 10 mins
4. Baha Kanin Pork – 3 mins
5. Jon Red Cinema One Plug – 2 mins
6. The True, The Good & The Beautiful – 8 mins
7. Trip – 11 mins

Raymond Red

1. Anino – 13 mins
2. Bangin – 6 mins
3. May Dilag ang Tula – 2 mins
4. Pusila – 7 mins

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