Ang Amomonggo sa Anton

Vincent Joseph Entuna


Director and Producer

Vincent Joseph Entuna


Vincent Joseph Entuna


Vincent Joseph Entuna


Vinjo Entuna

Marielle Makilan

Jose Vicente Entuna

Andre Jose Yan

Rhea Entuna

Total Running Time

16 Minutes





In 1985 during the Marcos Dictatorship in the Philippines, the Magbuelas family and their community of dumaan farmers in Negros Island face a brutal threat from the mythical creature called the Amomonggo. The creature is said to be the culprit behind the series of killings among the community. One day, a corpse is found having sustained brutal mauling. The community is forced into further solitude for their safety while continuing a non-violent struggle for their rights.

Festival and Awards

GAWAD ALTERNATIBO: 1st Place in Animation Category


How can I watch?

Continued education and actions on Martial Law

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